Announcing New Lockdown Solution for Active Shooter Events, Emergencies, and Natural Disasters

Posted by Openpath on Sep 4, 2019 8:00:00 AM

Today we officially launched our new Lockdown Solution, giving authorized users the ability to lock and unlock any door, zone or building in case of emergency -- including active shooter, other emergency incidents, and natural disasters -- from a mobile device or third-party trigger, remotely or wired. Openpath's patented Triple-Unlock technology works over WiFi, LTE, and Bluetooth, guaranteeing a fast and reliable connection, which is imperative for emergency situations.

Openpath’s Lockdown Solution is highly customizable and addresses the different needs that offices, schools, campuses, hospitals and places of worship have in emergency situations. Plans can be created for each situation based on locations, zones, permissions, and protocols, and integrates with a wide range of activation methods including gunshot detectors, glass-break detectors, AWS IoT buttons, panic buttons, wired triggers, and mobile phones.

In addition, the Lockdown Solution is capable of alerting first responders of an incident via email/SMS. The alert provides those first responders with a real-time video feed from all the relevant cameras in the lockdown zone so that they can see exactly what is happening and respond accordingly. This video capability is powered through Openpath’s integration with AI-powered video surveillance provider Camio. Not only does Camio provide live, searchable video streams, they also offer playback from immediately before the lockdown event to help expedite triage of any emergency situation.

With Openpath’s Lockdown Solution, protocols can be customized to fit different security situations and building/campus layouts. For instance, a suspicious package may require a different type of lockdown than an active shooter or another violence event. This level of flexibility gives security teams yet another powerful set of tools to help them respond to an incident.

Here’s what Lockdown Solution can do for your building:

Create the right lockdown option for you - Customize pre-configured plans for any emergency situation, including active shooter, natural disasters, and unsolicited visitors.

Enable a lockdown plan at anytime from anywhere - Trigger or revert a lockdown plan from your phone, laptop, tablet, or with a keycard at a reader. Lockdown can be activated remotely or onsite.

Instantly share video feed with first responders - Provide real-time video feed from all the relevant cameras, enabling first responders to act accordingly.

Activate a lockdown event from third-party data feeds - Openpath’s open platform means we integrate with a wide range of third-party devices, like an AWS IoT button, panic button, wired trigger or gunshot detector.

Event management - When hosting events at your location, unlock all the doors instantly and override schedules.

Lockdown Solution is ideal for any building, including schools, campuses, hospitals, places of worship, and offices. Openpath will be offering Lockdown Solution to schools and places of worship for no additional cost.

For more information and to learn best practices about Lockdown emergency situations, visit:

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