Announcing Openpath’s New Tailgating Solution

Posted by Openpath on Aug 22, 2019 1:51:36 PM

We are thrilled to announce a new solution to one of the biggest challenges facing businesses today - tailgating. Tailgating occurs when a door is left open long enough for an unauthorized person to enter a property behind an authorized entrant. While seemingly harmless, tailgating is common and exposes multiple security risks that can lead to theft and violence.

Many companies are focused on solutions for cybersecurity, but physical security is rapidly becoming a priority for companies that want to protect their staff, offices, and property as much as their networks.

Openpath lets anyone use their mobile phone to open an authorized door by using the touch of a finger or wave of a hand in front of the reader. There is no need to pull the phone out or even launch the app to open the door. While Openpath is secure, frictionless and fast, the best way to prevent a major security problem like tailgating is to partner with other leading, innovative property technology partners to provide a layered solution. 

For tailgating, the partnership with Density and Camio gives administrators the ability to respond to threats in real-time and immediately locate the unauthorized person to take preventative action.

  • Density's sensors provide a real-time and highly accurate count of people entering and exiting a doorway. Now integrated with Openpath, the solution can detect when someone enters a room and sound an instant alert, enabling security teams to identify the unauthorized person before they become a security threat. Density also offers analytics to measure which entrances are most susceptible to tailgating.
  • Camio provides AI-powered video surveillance for fast visual verification of access control events like doors unlocked, forced open or left ajar. Camio enables existing security cameras to detect discrepancies between the number of valid badge-ins and the number of people passing through the doorway. Camio also provides search capabilities to quickly review video footage remotely, anytime, and from any camera to investigate potential intrusions. A secure link to the footage can then be shared with appropriate audiences.

Integrations with pedestrian and vehicle entrance control including traditional turnstile and parking systems are equally important to prevent tailgating. Openpath has partnered with Automatic Systems, a leader with 50 years’ experience in the turnstile and parking systems industry, to offer the same frictionless mobile access experience while mitigating any attempted tailgater with a physical barrier. Openpath now provides access for all entry types -- parking garages, turnstiles, elevators, and doors -- all from mobile devices.

Learn more about our Tailgating solution here.


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