Introducing Openpath’s Guide to Access Control Systems

Posted by Openpath on Jul 30, 2019 1:59:55 PM

Over the last few decades, key cards and badges have served as credentials for employees to prove their identity and authorization to access at the entrance of buildings. Until recently, this solution was seen as sufficient as it provided an easy source of identification and access.

Today, physical credentials have proven to be inadequate for a variety of reasons. Key cards, badges and fobs are easily lost and stolen, creating additional costs for businesses that need to replace lost credentials. In parallel, the mobile revolution has created a dependency for smartphones in nearly every function of life.

However, businesses and property managers alike are falling short when it comes to providing security for their building that meets today’s needs. As a result, there is a unique opportunity to provide a better access control user experience through utilizing mobile credentials.

Mobile credentials replace the friction caused by needing to locate a physical key. It is cost-effective because people don’t tend to lose their phones at the same rate they misplace keycards and it is ideal for businesses looking to leverage smart office technology. Not only does a cloud-based access control system help with a forward-thinking brand image, it is also future-proofed since new features can be added to a cloud-based system without any complex installation or maintenance required.

Whether you’re a 30-year access control veteran, or have never previously dealt with a security project, Openpath created a comprehensive guide to cover everything you need to know about this fast-changing industry.

In this guide, you’ll learn how businesses are able to provide a more complete smart office experience for their employees, with integrations made possible through cloud-based systems. Modern cloud-based access control systems are designed to work with the latest technologies and make the most of your access control by integrating with HVAC, lighting, alarm systems and other security systems. Compare this to traditional access control systems which are often proprietary and only offer a few native integrations.

Access control is no longer just a security or operations function. Rather, it extends to functions like human resources, building managers and even the IT department. Our guide explains important considerations when choosing an access control solution such as meeting compliance regulations, how it can integrate with existing automation systems and much more.

You can read the guide by following the link below. Enjoy the read!

The Ultimate Guide to Access Control


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Access Control for the Modern Workspace

Your phone gets you in.

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Key Features:

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